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Jul 16, 2011 7:00pm EDT
about the foundation vantage points as mary ann and also your own? >> shourie she grew up in larchmont whereon ironic, new york and a sort of bedroom community of new york city. her parents were secular jews but they celebrated christmas and easter pictures of christmas music, but classical music, easter baskets, the whole thing. she didn't quite understand she was a sad night until she was in kindergarten and got the playground taunts from catholic school children. they threw rocks, called a christ killer, and the usual and anti-semitism. what is this gsm and her parents ended up getting her to tempo and she was fascinated by the stories, the stories of her ancestors living in biblical lands and that made them seem so much more exciting than the jews she was growing up around. she wished on why the orthodox jews because she lived in a non-christian household. she was sort of surrounded by divisions. but in bible school, she was sort of looking at the jews and arabs living side-by-side harmoniously and it just seemed very simple, does there come a tribal very sort of excited her imagin
Jul 21, 2011 5:00am EDT
is mary ann jennings with the fairfax county police. mary ann, what else can you tell us about this incident? mary ann, can you hear us? right now, i think we've lost our signal with mary ann jennings of fairfax county police. as soon as we get that back, we'll bring you the latest on this shooting in centerfield, virginia, involving a fairfax county police officer. >>> well, it was an eventful night at the watergate apartment building in northwest washington. around 10:00 p.m., a two alarm fire broke out on the tenth floor of the east building. firefighters quickly contained the flames that were burning in the single unit. at least three residents were evaluated for smoke inhalation. one firefighter was injured after he fell. no word yet on what caused the fire or how much damage occurred. >> well, it is 5:06. in less than an hour, it will be wheels down for the final time for the shuttle "atlantis." >> the four person crew is set to land at 5:58 exactly. the astronauts are coming home after delivering a year's worth of food to the international space station. this is nasa's f
Jul 2, 2011 2:30pm PDT
, but are now struggling to survive. the demand for government aid is great, but as mary ann reports, the money is simply not there. >> reporter: for more than 30 years, the family kitchen has opened its doors to people in poverty. from children to seniors, everyone is welcome. peter clark goes to loaves and fishes every day. >> i've been existing on food stamps since june of last year. that's it, no money. you know, it's a living. >> reporter: hope and mission is to never turn anyone away. loaves and fishes has three locations spread across san jose, where volunteers prepare and serve about 500 hearty meals each day. much of the food comes from the food bank of santa clara county, which serves nearly 400,000 people a year. but for nonprofit organizations, the economic times are difficult. the city has cut $50,000 a year it was giving to fishes, plus county funding for the kitchen is down by 40%. this isn't the only agency starving for money. this year alone, three pantries and one homeless shelter have closed down in santa clara county. loaves and fishes volunteer manager mia white is worried
Jul 1, 2011 9:00am EDT
this happened. mary ann rafferty has more. >> reporter: virgin atlantic has explaning to do after a man managed to sneak on a plane last week. fbi officials say the man was sitting in the main cabin when a flight attendant asked to see his boarding pass. all he had was an expired pass under somebody else's name. >> it means there are large gaps in security. >> reporter: officials questioned him and let him go. then on wednesday, law enforcement caught him trying to board another flight using a different expired pass. the search of his bag found ten expired boarding passes, none with his name. he's been charged with being a stow away and is expected in los angeles court on friday. >> our security agencies take any situation like this seriously, and i can ensure you they are investigating this situation thoroughly. >> the more you get into computers and bar coding, the higher your level of security is going to be. >> reporter: some passengers don't get how the incident could even have happened. >> after 9/11 if someone can get through with that, what recommendation could happen -- what else could
Jul 27, 2011 12:00pm PDT
text messages exchange between mary ann bremness and her 16-year-old daughter julie who was tropiced on the island during friday's terror attack. mommy tell the police that they must be quick, people are dying here. i'm working on it julie, the police are on the way, dare you call me? no, tell the police that there is a mad man running around and shooting people and please hurry. it is going well julie, police are calling us now, give us a sign of life every five minutes, pleas. okay, we are in fear for our lives, i understand that very well, my darling, stay hidden, do not move anywhere, the police are already on their way if they have not already arrived. do you see anyone injured or killed? we are hiding in the rocks along the coast. i love you, even if i still misbehave from time to time and i'm not panicking, even if i'm [ expletive ] scared. i know that my darling, we love you very much. do you still hear shooting? no the person shooting is said to be in police uniform. be careful. what happens to you now? we do not know. can you talk now? no, he is still shooting. joerge has s
Jul 6, 2011 6:00pm PDT
blood in the 15th minute. a defensive move all-out mary ann peterson a chance. she failed to connect cleanly. early in the second half, the australian defence was caught off guard. the ball went into the empty net. 1-0, norway. less than a minute later, the score was leveled. norway went on the offensive in search of a second goal and they almost got it. then, three minutes before time, simon struck again, putting australia ahead 2-1 and putting aus the quarterfinals. >> we will be back in a moment for "in debt," don't go away. -- in-depth, don't go away. >> game over for muammar gaddafi. that is how nato is describing the situation and libya. russian officials have been sounding out -- russian officials say that gaddafi has been sounding out the possibility of exile. rebels have been pushing close to the capital. for many people in the east of the country, the gaddafi era already belongs to the past. the main rebel stronghold in the city of benghazi. our reporter was there to see how life changed under rebel control. >>>> it is unusual to hear the words human-rights and equality rep
Jul 27, 2011 5:30pm PDT
, mary ann got the text message from hell. >> tell the police it is a maniac here. who is shooting. they have to hurry. >> reporter: five minutes later, mommy, tell the police that they must be quick. people are dying here. mother, the police know and they have had many calls. give us a sign of life every five minutes, please. julie, okay. as minutes dragged by, the killer shot the teenagers one by one. julie, i love you, even if i still misbehave from time to time. >> then i really almost broke down because that was so moving, so touching. >> reporter: julie was hiding with friends among the rocks, shaking with fear. 6:15, julie, the police are here. mother, the person shooting is said to be in police uniform. be careful. 6:30, trying to calm her daughter, mother said, should we try to book you on the flight home tomorrow? julie, i have no time to think about that now. >> she said, mom, we are scared. scared. >> reporter: and then the call. it's over. i'm safe. >> it is almost like giving birth to her one more time. it was so emotional. >> reporter: julie's brother had no idea abo
Jul 5, 2011 9:00am EDT
and endeavor shuttles in retirement, mary ann afterrerty takes a look back at the space shuttle program. >> america's first space shuttle and the shuttle has cleared the tower. >> reporter: when it first arrived on the scene space shuttle was revolutionary and iconic it all started 40 years ago when president nixon formed the space task group april 12th, 1981 first shuttle columbia roared into space bringing with it, emmer and ration the crew included sally ride when it sailed into or bit june 18th, 1983 making her the first american woman in space. the very next shuttle mission saw the first flight of an african american in space, he launched aboard the shuttle challenger, 1983 this mission was the first time the space shuttle launched and landed at night. amid-all the history, nasa's space shuttle program saw its darkest day january 28th, 1986, when seven astronauts lost their lives the challenger disintegrated shortly after launch it took nasa two and a half years to regroup after the disaster shuttle discovery carried the oldest person to space october 29th, 1998 when it lifted off
Jul 1, 2011 7:00am EDT
this happened. mitt mary ann rafferty has more. >> reporter: all he had was an expired pass under somebody else's name. >> it means already large gaps in security. >> reporter: on wednesday five days later law enforcement caught him trying to board another flight using a different expired pass. the search of his bag found ten expired boarding passes, none with his name. he's been charged of being a stow away and is expected in court on friday. >> our security agencies take any situation like this seriously. beyond that, i refer you to the fbi and tsa. >> reporter: the incident has raised questions about the effectiveness of screening procedures. >> the more you get to bar coding, the higher the level of security is going to be. >> reporter: some don't get how it could have even happened. virgin america acknowledged tha alert in new york. mary ann rafferty, fox news. >>> an emergency landing into the water yes yesterday. this happened on maryland's eastern shore. sky fox shot this video of the plane in the water. the pilot swam away from the plane and wasn't hurt. he was the only person on boar
Jul 23, 2011 1:05pm EDT
was also a phenomenal -- mary ann dragons, black woman on wall street. i list these people because it is important. we don't want to just say we have static figures. we have dynamic human beings we might walk across at the starbucks. that for you, the work you have done around your antecedent is important. it is very important for us to be clear that economic history is the history must love and lift it up. >> i want to close that because i have a disconnect. a believe in celebrating with my uncle who was quite the exception. whenever i read statistics about the net wealth of black women in this country being $5 or $100 that they are the bottom of the barrel, how do we get the bulk of black women, single women who have virtually nothing and mostly because they don't own homes because household ownership is still the basis of most of the wealth we know. how do we deal with that? $5? $100? >> the data on that are daunting data, speak to the challenges we face. black women take care of everybody else before we take care of ourselves. his wife had $5 because she was related to pooky wh
FOX News
Jul 26, 2011 6:00am PDT
with the president of the united states. fair and balanced debate, ford o'connell and democratic strategist mary ann marsh, former adviser to senator john kerry. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> good morning, jamie. jamie: mary ann, the highest wage earners in our country, that's who the president pointed out last night. yet the reid plan doesn't call for new taxes, higher taxes. did he undercut his own party's plan? >> i think everyone's undercut everybody, and as a result undercut this country. the fact is, without revenues we're not going to hit $4 trillion in cuts, and that's what it's going to require for goldman sachs and standard and & poor's not to downgrade our credit. so we're now in the unbelievable position of perhaps avoiding a default only to have our credit downgraded, and that just shows you this entire debate is politics at its worst because people are putting their own political interests before the best interests of the country, and that is just wrong. jamie: what do you think? >> well, i definitely think the president was playing class warfare last night, but the bottom l
Jul 21, 2011 5:30pm PDT
with an interview in chicago when he refused to answer a question about where his kids will go to school. >> mary ann, let me break the news to you. my children are not in a public position. the mayor is. and as long as i'm -- >> you don't think it will be news where they go to school? >> no, i think you will do that. but let me be -- you need to understand. you are asking me a value statement, not a policy. no, you have to appreciate this. my children are not an instrument of me being mayor. my children are my children. >> reporter: political leaders, of course, have a right to family privacy just like everyone else. but the "where do your kids go to school" question is not a new one. last year, president obama was asked if his daughters would get as good an education in a d.c. public school as they do in private school. >> i'll be blunt with you. the answer is no right now. the d.c. public school systems are struggling. >> reporter: look what happened when new jersey governor chris christie was asked about his kids on a pbs call-in show. >> you don't send your children to public schools, you se
Jul 6, 2011 11:30pm PDT
for mary anne to walk down the street from her home. she was part of an elderly woman who called themselves the beach i recall goes >> 4 ladies coming through here, and she gets nailed by a skate border they are come -gt down the hill -rbgts fly -gt around hraoeubgt crazy -pt no 1 says tpheugt until somebody gets killed by it >> reporter: tphragt was fly -gt agt half-staff -- >> we have been together for so hropbgt -rbgts i tkopbgt know what to do alone. >> reporter: they met in junior high and is have been march yessed for 64 years. he said his wife it was hit by a fly -gt skaeugt board years ago >> -lgt 17-year-old was not arrested. police say they have sent a report to the district attorney's office >> >> we have new video tonight show -gt the bay area man that survived the fish -gt boat accident mowments after they were rescued. you can see the survivors were show ebgts haused -rbgts they had to be carried and lifted into a helicopter. thirty-five tourists a encrew members survived in the water off the sea of cortez for a dozen hours or more after the fish -gt boat capsized 65-miles fr
Jul 14, 2011 2:00pm PDT
up in the order that you are called, or close to it, vince, andrea, mary ann, bennis, meredith thomas, karen sidwell, richard, george, suzanne, catherine howard. >> thank you, supervisors. with the birthday cake, and hats, they are great. i was angry when i first came in. i feel a little bit better. you know who i am, i am vince with the labor organization. we represent 3000 men and women. we are a very diverse group, a good cross-section of san francisco. some of the lowest paid workers, but very active and engaged with our people. it is an honor to be here speaking for them. it seems like we have had this vote twice already over the past year and now we are into a third time. what bothers us most about this, why is this on the ballot? we have our suspicions because we are friends with john avalos and we think we have a lot of the same progressive values. one of those is the value of sunshine, and i used to serve on the sunshine ordinance, and it means a lot to me because of what we are up against. what concerns us is we do not even get a phone call. real leadership in this city, wit
Jul 15, 2011 7:00am EDT
. stay with us.  >>> it's the bipartisan blame game on capitol hill. i'm mary ann rafferty. >>> also live on connecticut avenue where the first reviews on harry potter part 2 are coming in now. we'll have those for you in the next half hour. that's all coming up. good morning. thank you for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. tgif, everybody. let's get the latest on our weekend weather from tucker barnes. >> good morning. it doesn't get better than a friday and a perfect forecast. sunshine and temperatures in the 80s. the next couple days, just ideal. satellite radar will show you we have just a few clouds passing through. not going to amount to much. it looks more impressive on the radar than it is. i stepped outdoors. there's a few thin clouds out there. plenty of sunshine across the area. temperatures overnight were in the 50s and low 60s. 69 right now at reagan national. humidity in check. winds are out of the west at 5 miles per hour. it should be a comfortable day for you. highs later today in the mid- 80s. outdoor plans tonight go
Jul 22, 2011 2:00am PDT
. >> oh, mary ann, let me break the news to you, my children are not in a public position. the mayor is, and i look forward to our future interview. >> i'm done, especially after that. >> wow, gets up, walks out of the interview. new jersey governor chris christie was asked a similar question recently. he got equally testy about it but stayed for the interview. for republican candidates hoping to snag the 2012 bid, it's a bit of a jungle out there. here is jon stewart with your morning punch line. >> they need strength. they will need agility, they will need luck, but mostly to survive, they will need money. >> gingrich, $2 million, rick santorum not so much, half a million dollars. >> $500,000 in the work chest. bye-bye. >> what about that old silver back, newt gingrich? by the way, he stopped shaving his back when he left congress. >> i wonder how "the daily show" will depict pawlenty's demise? if a pawlenty campaign falls in the woods, does it make a sound? >> herman cain raised $2 million. that's a lot of pepperoni for the godfather of pepperoni pizza. there's one candidate who seem
Jul 24, 2011 7:00am PDT
guests who worked at the highest levels of foreign policy and now write about it and think about it. anne-marie slaughter, the former director of policy planning for the u.s. state department, now teaching at princeton. gideon rose is the editor of "foreign affairs." he also served on the national security council during the clinton administration. welcome both. ann marie, let's start with libya. it feels like the stalemate continues, but can it just keep going on forever? >> i don't think so. i actually think we are moving slowly toward a resolution, but i think when you think about libl yeah, you have to ask yourself constantly where would we have been if we hadn't sber veend? the answer is gadhafi would have crushed the opposition. there would have been a clear example of how to do that by force, and the u.s. would have stood by notwithstanding appeals from the entire arab world which would have sent signals to yemen, to syria, that would have been much worse. >> i don't buy that. first of all, that same exact thing you said played out in bahrain and nobody cared. although what happened in l
FOX News
Jul 17, 2011 5:00pm PDT
to questions from the first interview with jose baez. i'm mary anne ralpherty, now, back to huckabee. [applause] >> april of 2005. an explosion by a suicide bomber, aen schrapnel into scott smiley brain and he was about to lose his life long dream. the purple heart recipient refused to give up and fought to keep his career in the military. after years of hard work, he was the virs blind officer. "hope unseen", a true american hero, scott smiley and his wife. tiffany. [applaus [applause]. >> mike: hi, tiffany. great to have you here. >> you know, it's a remarkable story, and yet, it has a great position now, the chapter. but things didn't go just hunky dorie after the horrible incident in which you lost your sight. were you angry, weren't you? >> i was. it was hard to be living a healthy, physical, mental, spiritual life style and wake up later with the doctor telling me you're blind the rest of of your life. was hard. depression, sunk into a deep, black pit. fear, anxiety and again, a lot of anger and it was difficult. >> were you mad at god? >> i was. i think it's the worst thing i've ever do
FOX News
Jul 9, 2011 3:00am EDT
will be able to mary ann jellina jolie, and she has more kids than new york has orphans. it's not something you want to marry. >> she's a beautiful, smart, intelligent woman. >> the way things are going now, the only people that are going to be married in 50 years are women. it's going to be all lesbian couples with kids. that's all it is. you know what? more power to 'em, because lesbian moms are way hotter than mams' dads. >> do you have a comment? email us or call... still to come, the half-time report from andy levy, won't be marrying him any time soon. >> the half-time report is sponsored by lazy carl, the rhinoceros whose only goal in life is to do less than he did the day before. hi, anne. how are you doing? hi, evelyn. i know it's been a difficult time since your mom passed away. yeah. i miss her a lot, but i'm okay. wow. that was fast. this is the check i've been waiting for. mom had a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy through the colonial penn program, and this will really help with the cost of her final expenses. they have been so helpful and supportive during this time. ma
Jul 31, 2011 11:00am EDT
for joining us on this important day. >> thank you. >> ann marie buerkle from new york, a view on the tentative debt deal. keep it here. we will have chuck todd "host of "the daily rundown" picking up coverage at noon eastern. >>> government unrest. reports of gunfire and bloodshed. >>> she's been missing for almost a week after disappearing without a trace. the fbi is issuing a reward. >>> two american hikers go on trial in iran. word today their release could come soon. you're watching "msnbc sunday." e there was a 93% increase in cyber attacks. in financial transactions... on devices... in social interactions... and applications in the cloud. some companies are worried. some, not so much. thanks to a network that secures it all and knows what to keep in, and what to keep out. outsmart the threats. see how at cisco. my son and i never missed opening day. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a
Jul 22, 2011 5:00pm EDT
that we have covered in the news off and on for years. for like 25 years. it comes from mary ann in washington and kathleen in alexandria. both want to know why dry cleaners charge more to clean a woman's shirt than a man's shirt. >> yeah, there have been lawsuits about this, by the way. >> i remember. >> we checked with the national cleaners' association for this answer. it says dry cleaners should not -- should not base pricing on whether a shirt is being worn by a man or a woman. for example, a man's suit should be the same price as a woman's suit, however. dry cleaners can charge different prices for different fabrics, different sizes and different tailoring details. and since women's clothes tends to have more pleating, ruffles on the fabric, the cost can be higher. >> i don't like it. >> argue all you want, but that's going to be the excuse. >> alrighty. you can say this is for just a small man. this is a small man's shirt. last question about summertime barbecue clean up. and those grills can get nasty. >> the whirlpool institute of kitchen science answered this for us. it
Jul 4, 2011 5:00pm EDT
. mary ann rapheerty has the story. >> reporter: cleanup crews are trying to capture 42,000 gallons of crude oil from montana's yellowstone river. the dwell-inch pipeline ruptured saturday near laurel. the company president said the operations were shut down within six minutes of the spill. >> and we do not know the cause of the incident. the team has been formed and they're working diligently to try to determine that. that, at this time, we don't know the root cause. >> reporter: they're spreading the oil over a large area and that is making yet harder to clone up. >> and that line itself was shut down as quickly as week and we proceeded to close others look the lines and to isolate as much individual segments as we could. >> reporter: most of the soiled areas within five to 10 miles of the spill. she races goats there. >> doesn't look look we're going to be able to use yet. there is oil all over the top search. >> a spokeswoman for the e.p.a. said the staff spotted oil 40 miles downstream and other reports as far as $100 miles away. in new york -- at 100 miles away. >>> a fox 5 c
Jul 4, 2011 10:00pm EDT
line owned by exxon mobile sent oil as much as 40 miles down river. mary ann rafferty has the story. >> reporter: crews are trying to capture 42,000 gallons of crude oil. a pipe line ruptured saturday near laurels. operations were shut down within six minutes of the spill. >> we do not know the cause of the incident. the investigating team has conformed, and they are working diligently to try to determine that, but at this time we do not know the root cause. this is a very unusual event. >> reporter: the oil is being spread over a large area, making it harder to clean up. >> the line itself was shut down as quickly as we could and then we proceeded to close other lines along the line to isolate as many segments as we could. >> reporter: most of the soiled areas are within 5 to 10 miles of the spill. >> from my own assessment, it doesn't look like we're going to be able to use it. there's oil all over the top soil and i don't want my animals eating that. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for the epa says the staff spotted oil at least 40 miles down stream. there are other reports of oil as
Jul 25, 2011 5:00am EDT
-sex marriages became legal in new york. the protesters are still making their presence felt. fox's mary ann rafferty has the story. >> by the powers vested in me by the state of new york, i pronounce you both married. >> reporter: mayor mike bloomberg marries two of his staffers ringing in the moment with cheers and applause. it is a pivotal moment in the national gay rights movement. >> you may seal your vows with a kiss. >> couples across the empire state wiped away tears of joy and proudly displayed their marriage licenses sunday. dozens lined up in front of city hall in manhattan. >> it feels nice to be a part of a historic step of progress. >> i now pro pronounce you legally married. >> reporter: couples started saying i do at midnight on sunday. >> everybody puts locks on their doors to protect what is important to them. people don't understand that gay americans want to put locks on their relationships to protect what is important to us. >> reporter: new york's governor called same-sex marriage, quote, a basic human right. >> your relationships and your love and your partners and you
Jul 22, 2011 6:00am EDT
. >> everyone seems to be pretty evenly divided on this one. >> mary ann writes i like the heat wave. one local deejay commented you don't have to shovel heat. i agree, she says. >> liz disagrees. she writes i keep telling everyone you can always layer up, light a fire or throw on an extra blanket, cetra but you can only get so naked before someone calls the cops. >> our facebook friend julia says the cold. i love summer but not this. my 3-year-old does not understand poor air quality but she does understand building a snowman. love for you to join the facebook conversation. go to >> all right. thanks for all of your comments. >> i'm with the 3-year-old. >> build a snowman. >> i can go skiing. >> but a lot of times when the weather is like this, we have to be inside. you can't exercise safely outdoors. exercise safely indoors. severe weather alert day. this is the sort of heat that can be dangerous. keep your shades closed. keep the sunshine from coming in your house. it will keep it cooler. we talked about exercise indoors. smarter choice or early in the morning before it g
Jul 30, 2011 7:30pm PDT
. when did they work for dpw? >> one of them just tweeted me the question. >> my name is anne marie. i represent in north of market community benefit district, the tenderloin. we are very excited to have your company coming in. just talking about the burning man twist, that is an interesting phrase. this may be premature. any ideas in place to affect our immediate neighbors? especially the children in the tenderloin. there are more children per capita than anywhere else in san francisco. i see it as a fantastic opportunity to collaborate. >> the we moved in and everyone is talking about going up, but when we came in, we did a press conference. we said, we are immigrants here. we want to learn, we want to meet the people that live here. and we are getting to know people better. i will give you an example of something that could be done. i had an idea, based on an installation that i saw in europe. i am struck by the fact that there are more children in the tenderloin than anywhere in san francisco. people are amazed by this. it is a wonderful opportunity down here. by law, it will be im
Jul 6, 2011 10:00am PDT
. chairman nolan: next speaker, please. >> hello, i am elizabeth keene. ditto on everything anne-marie said. this really makes 19th and holloway saber. there are so many older, disabled residents in parkmerced who have been there for years and years and years. it helps everybody. it helps the business is, and it -- it helps the businesses, and it will hopefully will encourage students to bring it less cars into our neighborhood. i think it is a great program. >> my name is jeannie scott. i am faculty at san francisco state university. i agree with everything the other two said, but what i really want to see happen is the m-line get out of the middle of 19th street and come to the side of san francisco state. i use the m, as well as the students. it is narrow and dangerous. there are a lot of backpacks, a lot of jostling, a lot of waiting. thank you. chairman nolan: ok, then we have a recommendation in front of us. is there a second? >> second. chairman nolan: all those in favor, say aye. >> item 12 -- chairman nolan: before we do that, our distinguished former chairman is here. i do not kno
Jul 7, 2011 5:30am EDT
a high's store on broening road.27-yeer old ann marie prestonn.. and her boyfriend 28-year old shawn -3 novak... are accused of stabbbnn a 32-year oll man... - deaa. novak is being held withouttbaal... aa the baltimore county detention oo 50-thoussnd dollars bond. &p3 verizon is wrrting a big check to some disabled emplooees.the ddllars to settle a laasuit 3 pandicapped employees .. woo &pmissed work ábecause of their disabiiities.the u-s equal emppoyment opportunity ccmmission filed the claim. violaaed the amercans witt - diabilltiee act by not accomodating ttem thh &pemployees.. ut innteed firingg them.verizon aas they settled in ooder to avoiddgoing to ccurt. 3 wwth just over two months pntil the ppimary... baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake and her pponents are focusing on the major issues aa hand. most of the candidates ssy the - recent incideets of violencc are "systematic"... of larger - problems throughout the ccty. catherine uuh saas young year--ound... to keep ttem out of trouble. jody laadersswants the city tt coovene a -3 c
Jul 14, 2011 7:30pm PDT
and taking the lead on this legislation, meeting with so many people and the work of anne marie rogers and many of the planning staff and tom radulivic from livable city, as well, they offered many insights and the small business commission, a couple of nights ago, that gave us unanimous support, as well. the legislation has gone through a number of changes and i'll introduce the number of projected amendments based on the planning staff's recommendation and our principal and ultimate objective has been about supporting small businesses in our neighborhood especially those that are locally owned and neighborhood serving and to encourage economic activityÑi and vibrancy on geary boulevard and clement street. i wanted to use this prop and that prop now to show visually a little bit more of what areas we're dealing with. thanks, anne marie. this is your own planning map and i wanted to show that the richmond district is very diverse, stretching from usf near masonic all the way to ocean beach bounded by the presidio on the north and includes golden gate park. i wanted to point out that t
Jul 7, 2011 5:00am PDT
tuesday while mary ann was taking her daily walk to the beach from her home. police say a large truck had stopped for her as she stepped into the bike lane to cross the street. that's when a 17-year-old boy on a skateboard slammed into her. >> heard a thump and looked up and saw a woman lying in the street on a curb in a pool of blood. and a kid saying ma'am, ma'am, are you all right. >> the teenage skateboarder was not hurt and no charges have been filed. but the santa cruz county d.a. is now investigating. police say it is illegal to skateboard in that area. >>> time is now 5:35. well, the man, the thief that san francisco police say stole a sketch may have been captured on camera. take a look at this video. this is from the security camera near the union square art gallery that the art work was stolen from. the owner says he looked at the footage after hearing about tuesday morning's burglary. >> we went through the footage and we saw at that time a man fitting the description carrying a sketch and walking by the front. >> police say the man in the video does match the suspect's descri
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